you only live once in north hollywood


I usually hate PB&J stuff… I just don’t get it! But I tried these cupcakes that were made by my co-worker and they were AMAZING!! The recipe is featured on The Kind Life by Alicia Silverstone. I was really surprised they were vegan, you would never know! I highly recommend making these, they are literally some of the best cupcakes I’ve had.

The Kind Life feature a lot of really delicious looking recipes that you can check out on the website or you can sign up (its free) and check out the recipe gallery and see more vegan recipes that other people have posted. They have some really great stuff that I can’t wait to try - and I’m not even vegan!

See the PB&J cupcake by clicking HERE

24. walk down the red carpet

I really didn’t think going down the red carpet for an event would be easy but I guess when you’re a girl its not that hard! Me and my friends got invited to go to the launch party of Will I Am’s new album “Will Power”. It was so much fun! We got backstage and were literally right next to him while he was performing. Lindsey Lohan, Nicole Scherzinger and Kid Cudi were there too. He did a great performance and his new album sounds unreal!

My next goal is to walk down the red carpet arm in arm with a celeb!

Manatee VS Glass - SO CUTE!

Support Charity Through Fashion!

Lauren Conrad has recently just posted about these “Pura Vida” bracelets. They’re really cute and the money goes towards a great cause! The bracelets are highly fashionable and worn by other celebrities such as Rachel Bilson. And even better, you can get a 20% discount by going online today! Just click here

Here’s a snippet about the background of the bracelets:

"Pura Vida Bracelets are forever changing, evolving and inspiring the world via their uniquely handmade bracelets, individually woven and designed by local artisans in Costa Rica. 

One of Pura Vida’s latest additions includes the NEGU bracelets, which stands for “Never Ever Give Up.” The purpose of these bracelets is to encourage every child fighting cancer to have hope.”

Click HERE to visit Lauren Conrad’s site and get more info about this post

43. Water Jet Pack

I found out by chance that there is an area in Newport that does this thing called water jet packing. I didn’t even think it was real at first but you can actually do it! I booked an appointment for last week and just did it yesterday. It was literally insane. The jet pack has handles at the front that control where you are moving and the highest you can go is 30ft. I managed to get 20ft and that was pretty scary! There’s an instructor that talks to you through a microphone in your helmet to try and give you direction. He also controls the throttle so that he’s able to stop the water flow if something goes wrong!

There’s a tube that goes from the jet pack to a motor so you’re pretty much on your own. There were loads of boats about the place too and I thought I was going to crash into some at various points but other than that I did pretty well! It was unbelievably fun!

There’s moves you can do like “the submarine” and “walking on water” etc. He made a video of me doing it which I will put up once they’ve sent it to me. In the meantime here’s a picture!

Me at 20ft:

My roommate showed me this clip the other night. Its the cutest thing!

Jimmy Kimmel told parents to tell their kids that they ate all of their Halloween candy and film their reaction.. the last clip of the two boys is hilarious!


I had never heard of shark week before I came to LA. It was introduced by the Discovery Channel in 1987 and they host a week long series of shark related documentaries once a year to try and raise awareness of how endangered sharks are becoming. Everyday, “fishermen” catch sharks, pull them out of the ocean, cut off their fins, and throw the still-living remains back into the ocean, where they slowly bleed to death. It’s called shark finning, and it’s happening all over the world. Over 40 million sharks are killed every year - its insane.

Elizabeth Banks has more info about shark week that you can read up on by clicking HERE

I know that was kind of depressing but I had no idea how bad this situation is getting and we all need to be aware of it! If sharks were to become extinct it would have a devastating impact on our ecosystem…

Anyway.. to lighten the mood here are some cool drinking games to play during Shark Week!

1) Drink every time you hear an Australian, South African, or British accent
2) Drink every time you see a diver in a cage.
3) When a great white is ‘jumping’ out of the cage, drink from when the shark exits the water til it the re-entry
4) Drink every time a person mentions chum, a shark attack statistic, or a shark fact (note: this can only happen once every person)
5) Drink every time the camera shows a surfboard or person underwater in the same frame as a shark. Also drink if they show you a chewed-up surfboard.
6) Every time a new person is interviewed, drink
7) Every time a person is declared a “shark expert,” drink….

See the rest of the rules HERE from Bro Bible 

53. attempt to take 24 pieces of fruit from Hedrick Hall UCLA

For anyone who has been to UCLA and eaten at the Hedrick Hall Cafeteria you will appreciate how hard this was!

So in Hedrick Hall you are not allowed to take any bags/purses/water bottles (literally anything) in with you. And for some reason the dining hall only allows you to take ONE piece of fruit once you leave. I tried to take a banana and an apple one day and the staff started freaking out! They are serious fruit Nazi’s. So my roommate and I decided that we would attempt to sneak out 24 pieces of fruit. This seemed like it was the most we would physically be able to carry whilst also, maybe just, getting away with it! We had a variety of different fruits hidden in certain areas that I am not willing to discuss.. but we managed to get out unnoticed! YESS!

Our next challenge is 24 bananas…

Cutest Picture ever!!

This picture is from Alicia Silverstone’s website The Kind Life. She has a category on her site called “Animal Love" and posts really cute pictures and video clips of animals. There are also often posts with "action alerts" with information of how you can help different organisations and support different causes for animals. So for all you animal lovers you definitely need to check it out! Just click HERE

Ps.. you also have to watch this clip that was posted from Alicia a while ago- too cute!